Brightening Exfoliating Skin Kit

NEW! Ultimate Brightening Skin Kit!

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The Spa Noir's NEW Ultimate Brightening Skin Kit includes our Exfoliating Bar in A Jar, our new Calendula + Rose Exfoliating Toner, our Turmeric Shea Skin Butter and our Turmeric & Orange Skin Polish. This kit helps calm skin inflammation, even skin tone, fade dark marks and scars, brighten skin and to give skin a healthy glow. *All of our skincare products include specially formulated HEMP oil.




Step1: cleanse with bar in a jar using mini facial brush 

Step2: spray 2-3 sprays of exfoliating toner, pat in and allow to air dry - 

Step3: apply dime size amount of turmeric Shea skin butter to moisturize

*alternate Step3: TWICE A WEEK, scoop small amount of turmeric & orange skin polish with mini spatula and apply to skin. gently rub polish over entire area to be exfoliated and rinse with warm water. pat skin dry. *you do not need to apply turmeric shea butter on the days you use skin polish, as the oils in the polish with leave skin moisturized.